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Taos: Transmuting Your Fire For Creation

We are headed to the Vista Verde Retreat Center in Taos, New Mexico! We will leave September 17th and return on the 25th. 

Participants will be provided:

  • Private or shared room

  • Two on-site meals per day

  • Morning Kundalini practice

  • Evening restorative theraputic yoga session

  • Daily art workshops led by Laura Gaddy

  • And more!

Tina Ufford in a yoga pose

Art whispers to the spirit, while massage listens to the body—a symphony of restoration.



Tina Ufford giving a massage to an older woman who is face down on the massage table.

I am a seasoned massage therapist with roughly two decades of hands-on experience. Over the years, I have meticulously refined my practice, offering a rich blend of massage techniques that include deep tissue, polarity, ortho bionomy, Swedish, and Thai massage.


My approach goes beyond the physical; I recognize the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. To this end, I incorporate visualization and meditation into my sessions, providing holistic care.

For those looking to extend the benefits into their daily routines, I offer invaluable yoga asana advice, ensuring that you will have the tools for continued well-being and balance in your life.

Whether you're curious about the diverse techniques available, eager to get hands-on with sample products, or keen to design a personalized action plan, a consultation appointment is a great place to begin. You can book independently or combine it with an actual session. Harness this chance to get insights, experience firsthand interactions, and chart a path that aligns with your goals. Your journey to transformation begins with just one appointment. Home visits can be arranged. Contact me for pricing and more information.


Keeley Brooks

Tina, I just want to take a moment and humbly thank you for your work with cancer patients and survivors. Never stop what you do because it’s what you do and who you are that changes people’s lives.


In my professional opinion, Tina is an excellent yoga teacher. I also know that she has gone through the whole Yoga Steps teacher training program, which is quite a commitment in time and money, and also the "gold standard" for yoga teachers.

Pamela Gay

I began to practice yoga after a total surprise diagnosis of breast cancer. Although a low stage of the disease, I was in a state of complete shock and confusion lest the diagnosis cut short previously-made plans. Multiple benefits have been physical and mental as -through yoga – I have been able to “ace” and improve on several physical health fronts and also organize myself mentally so that all continues as planned.



I embarked on my clay journey in 1992 in Colorado Springs. I have decades of experience and enriched numerous pottery production studios with my craft. While pottery was once my primary source of income, it now remains my treasured joy and hobby. As a professional studio potter, my ethos centers around exploration and skill-building rather than the mere creation of masterpieces.

Tina Ufford working on a potters wheel.

Whether you're keen to dive into basic skills such as slab construction or throwing on the wheel, I want my studio to be an oasis for budding to seasoned potters.


The best part? You don't need to bring a thing! I'll provide that all supplies, materials, and storage are readily available for your session. Dive into the world of pottery at $120 per hour for adults and $60 per hour for kids.

Join me for an immersive pottery experience, and let your creativity flow! Fill out this form to learn more or book time in the studio. 

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Activities & Events

Tina Ufford sitting in a meditation position with her eyes closed.

Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop in and let you know about some activities and events coming up. Come back from time to time for new event listings. 

And, if you're in need of a deeper break, consider joining me for a retreat. They're designed to be peaceful and rejuvenating, giving you a chance to unwind and reconnect with yourself.

Current Offerings


I've been teaching classes at Red Shoes for the last 15 years. My schedule varies, but there a yoga class is offered every Monday - Saturday at 8 a.m. If you would like to take a class specifically from me, send me a message below. 


We are headed to the Vista Verde Retreat Center in Taos, New Mexico! We will leave September 17th and return on the 21st. 

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